A Story About Independence

Entrepreneurial challenges captured in a 30-minute documentary

By Martin Lexow ·
Martin Lexow brooding sitting in a library.
It’s not as bad as it looks

Jacques and I met during our design studies in Potsdam. We both have founded our own companies—jut-so and IXEAU—and what started as a casual acquaintance grew into a friendship over time.

Although we are both entrepreneurs, we perceive our everyday lives in completely different ways. Jacques’ company is essentially a group of friends, working as a creative design agency. On the contrary, I usually work alone as an indie developer, interaction- and interface designer—a role that I prefer to call “Software Auteur”.

Jacques and his colleagues at jut-so
More drama than we were able to expect

We felt that a story which reveals our differences may have potential to be told. So in winter 2018 Jacques and I decided to film a documentary about our work. We’re called it “Launched”. It’s a story about our independence—or at least a small part of our journey to achieve it some day. Within half a year we accompanied each other and reflected the work of the other. The result is a 30-minute short documentary, which like any great motion picture is listend on IMDB.


A Story About Independence · 30min

The film is also available on my YouTube channel. It’s in german, almost completely black and white and—sad but true—full of drama, because some unexpected things happened. We wanted the film as authentic as possible. We’re convinced that honest told stories like ours are able to inspire people.

Apps from the movie

Within the documentary I’ve created two brand-new apps. Cursor Pro is a beautiful mouse highlighter and magnifier for macOS. It visualizes clicks and can zoom certain areas of your screen. It’s available on the Mac App Store.

The second app is called Keystroke Pro. It’s a Gumroad exclusive. The app is great if you want to visualize keypresses on your screen—it’s the perfect companion for capturing tutorials, 
recording screencasts and performing presentations